vendredi 18 décembre 2020

 With this Merry & Bright Christmas collection in black and gold by Ilonka's Designs your scrapbooking project will look classy, stylish and glamorous.

This collection is on sale with 25% off until December 20.

Promo Merry & Bright - Release December 14 2020 Id_mer10

Merry & Bright Collection by Ilonka's Designs by Ilonka's Designs | Digital Scrapbooking Bundled Deals

mardi 6 octobre 2020

 In Fall season not only leaves are changing natures color but also Autumn flowers are blooming. This collection "Falling For You" by Ilonka's Designs is full with all kind of flowers in warn Autumn colors. 

This collection is is on sale with 25% off until October 18.

Promo Falling For You - Release October 5 2020 Id_fal21